Memories of a few acres of snow

There's one thing I should probably make clear right off the top, so if you hate me and my position you can save time and head off elsewhere.

I am a Canadian, and I love Quebec. I was born in Quebec: it's in my blood. My earliest memories of so many important things in life all took place in Quebec. My parents and the brother I never knew are buried in Quebec. That part of my early youth that comes back fleetingly in dreams was - and always will be - in Quebec.

One other thing: Quebec is a distinct society. By any definition that matters in people's everyday lives, it is distinct. Not better - distinct.

That said, I voted NO in the 1980 referendum (and would have again if I had still been there last time). Not because the complaints and aspirations of the Quebec people are invalid - they're entirely valid. Rather because there is hurt throughout Canada, not just in Quebec. To solve Quebec's problem without addressing the fact that a strikingly similar problem exists just about everywhere in the country - except maybe southern Ontario - is to cheat everyone in the country, inside Quebec and out.

The country is broken, boys and girls. To pretend any different is to miss what may be the most important fact of this generation.

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